“I’m an adoptee. Can you help me find my bio parents?”


Yes, it IS possible for you to find them! The use of genetic genealogy— defined as DNA testing in combination with traditional genealogy to trace lineages—has transformed the ability of adoptees, those with an unknown father, and donor-conceived individuals, or…
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Don’t skip searching newspaper archives– you’ll be amazed at what find!

OH, THE JOY OF FINDING THOSE VALUABLE LITTLE DETAILS ABOUT THE LIVES OF YOUR ANCESTORS! Sure, you can look at marriage certificates and death certificates to find data about your family member, but a wonderful way to discover fun facts…
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Madness Monday: Which Angus Currie (Born Abt. 1770 in Scotland) married Florah McDuffie and which Angus Currie (Born Abt. 1770 in Scotland) married Flora Currie?


I have a puzzle for this issue of Madness Monday (And, yes, I realize that today is a Thursday!). Various researchers of Angus Currie, born about 1770 in Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland, show this SAME man being married to TWO different women…
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Today’s Discovery: My Newfound Facebook Friend (and Cousin) Who Lives In England and My College Friend (From Back In The ’80s) Are Related To Each Other.

It is stated that if you go far enough back in time, for enough generations, you will find that we’re all related. So true. However, it IS fun to make the connections and figure out exactly where and how certain…
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Checking Out http://gliesians.com, Genealogy Utilities


Yesterday, I received a comment on my blog from Robert Liguori, president of Gliesian, LLC Data Science Services, asking me to check out his website. I told him that I would. Intrigued, I headed over to http://gliesians.com and took a…
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Help With Archaic Occupation Abbreviations in Census Records

What in the world does an “NG” do for a living? Today, I looked at a copy of the 1900 Lowndes, Valdosta, GA census record for an ancestor: Thomas Jones. In the record, his occupation is listed as “NG.” Nowhere…
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Generation 2: Henry Monroe “Hamp” Stephens (b.1823 – d.1871)

STEPHENS_Henry Monroe_ photos_gravestone

Henry Monroe “Hamp” Stephens– my third great grandfather. Henry Monroe Stephens was born 03 Feb 1823, supposedly in Tattnall, Georgia. He died 15 Aug 1871 in Hamilton, Florida. His parents are believed to have been Henry Stephens and Elizabeth ()…
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Generation 1: Henry Stephens, father of Henry Monroe “Hamp” Stephens


THE STEPHENS FAMILY GENERATION 1: HENRY STEPHENS (b. abt. 1800 – d. bef. 17 Jan 1849), father of Henry Monroe “Hamp” Stephens. Henry Stephens, the father of my 3rd great-grandfather Henry Monroe Stephens, was born about 1800 somewhere in Georgia….
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Am I Related to Alexander Hamilton Stephens?

Alexander Hamilton Stephens We all have those stories in our family lore— the famous person, the celebrity, the person with the desired racial heritage. The person you hear about over the years that you “must be related to.” One of…
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Data Entry Guidelines for Your Family Pedigree Chart

If you are new to family research, you are probably new to filling out pedigree charts or creating a family tree. Whether you are hand filling out a paper chart or entering data into fields in a software program, it…
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