That Amazing Leila Denmark Story, Part II: I’m her Husband’s 3rd Cousin, 2x Removed.

The saga continues of my Leila (Daughtry) Denmark story. If you don’t know what I am referring to, click for the original post about my mother and her young friend, Jane, both having the same pediatrician 65 years apart.

Today, I was further researching my Jones lines. The Joneses are tough to document—way too many of them with wwwwwaaay too many similar names.

My family descends from two Jones lines: In 1829 in Bulloch, Georgia, an Adam Jones married a Mary Ann ‘Polly’ Jones. Follow the lineages of these two persons back and you find the name of one particular male ancestor several times: William Batchelor Denmark, Jr. This Mr. Denmark had three wives and he produced 17 (possibly up to 19) children from his first two wives (who happened to be sisters)– Mary and Anna Moye. Three of the children of this William B. Denmark show up in three different lines as the persons responsible for the lives of Adam Jones and Mary Ann ‘Polly’ Jones. Yes, for Adam and Mary Ann, three differing ancestral lines all trace back to this same man!

As I worked, I realized that I had the surname Denmark in my lineage and that Leila (Daughtry) Denmark’s husband, John Eustace Denmark, was, of course, a Denmark. There had to be a connection, as the surname is fairly uncommon. It didn’t take me long to trace the lineage of her husband back to Malachi Moye Denmark, the son of William Batchelor Denmark and his second wife, Anna Moye. The Denmark family was well established in Bulloch, Georgia (it is where Leila Denmark was born) and Malachi was born in Bulloch, Georgia as well. And, as I noted earlier, my two Jones lines converged in Bulloch, Georgia.

So—I have discovered that I am the 3rd cousin, 2x removed of John Eustice Denmark.



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