Am I Related to Alexander Hamilton Stephens?

Alexander Hamilton Stephens

We all have those stories in our family lore— the famous person, the celebrity, the person with the desired racial heritage. The person you hear about over the years that you “must be related to.”

One of mine is Alexander Hamilton Stephens. In case you’ve forgotten your early American history, he was the Confederate vice president during the American Civil War. This is the same man who was arrested for treason and imprisoned for five months after Lee’s surrender and emancipation took place.

I’m not proud of this supposed cousin—he supported states’ rights to allow slavery—but, if I am related to him, I would like to know.

A couple of years ago I began researching and trying to find my connection to the man through my own Stephens lineage. Fast forward to now — I have yet to find the answer. Actually, I kind of hope that I never will! The only possible explanation I find is that my Stephens family resided in Hamilton, Florida—a small community just below the Georgia line that is named for Alexander Hamilton, the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. Someone may have confused the two men; whose names are so similar.

My Stephens line has been rather difficult to accurately and definitively trace, no matter who it is I am trying to find. As one goes back in time, there’s quite a bit of discrepancy amongst researchers about the Stephens family residing in Hamilton, Florida– especially back to the early 1800s.

This week I will be posting the lineages of my 3rd great grandfather, Henry Monroe “Hamp” Stephens (b. 03 Feb 1823 Tattnall, GA – d. 15 Aug 1871 Hamilton, FL), as I believe it to be correct. As well, I will post my findings on the lives of his parents and siblings in a separate post.

I will start Part 1 with the life story of his father, Henry Stephens (b. abt. 1800 GA – d. bef. 17 Jan 1849 Hamilton, FL).

Part 2 will address the life of Henry Monroe Stephens.

If you are related to these persons, please contact me!


  1. Robert Wood

    Supposedly, Alexander Stephens is a Great Uncle of mine. My sister is big into our geneology. Not sure if this is correct tho.

    1. Julie (Post author)

      I heard the same story growing up. My paternal grandmother would tell us that we were related to Alexander Stephens. Maybe we are, but I have yet to find any proof of such connection– and I have tried a number of times over the years to find the connection! I’d welcome finding out how your sister connects your family to him!

  2. Ursula

    Alexander’s grandfather Col Alexander had two brothers. I am looking for information about them. We have information that my husbands great great grandmother was a cousin of AHS. But we can not find the connection. They were from the same area and he called her “cousin” but it could have been a form of endearment since she had the same last name and they lived near each other. Any information on his great uncles is appreciated.

    1. Julie (Post author)

      If you find anything, please let me know! I would love to receive the info! Happy hunting, and thanks for stopping by. Julie

  3. Leonard Frank Arons

    Has anyone traced the Nehemiah Stephens (ca 1780- ca 1832)branch? He was a son of Alexander Stephens (1727-1814). I think Nehemiah’s first child was Ann Vineyard(ca 1797-1860s) Nehemiah’s kids are likely: Hugh, Nehemiah Jr., Jas. Alexander, Andrew?, Uriah, Marilda, Bethan. A. Stephens (wife of Neh.)? was in Floyd Co., Ga in 1840 with ? son ? Andrew? Uriah & Bethany married in Floyd Co., Ga. Jas. Alexander was in Sevier Co., Tn in 1840. Andrew? was in 1830 Sevier Co.

    1. Julie (Post author)

      I have not! I don’t currently list any Stephens family members in Floyd Co, Ga. Let me know if you learn something!

  4. Ursula

    We have finally traced the connection through the Griier line. Although the same last names it is not through this family name.

  5. Anthony stephens

    I’m A. Stephens from wv and also heard I’m a relative of the vp


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