Madness Monday: Which Angus Currie (Born Abt. 1770 in Scotland) married Florah McDuffie and which Angus Currie (Born Abt. 1770 in Scotland) married Flora Currie?

I have a puzzle for this issue of Madness Monday (And, yes, I realize that today is a Thursday!).

Various researchers of Angus Currie, born about 1770 in Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland, show this SAME man being married to TWO different women and having TWO completely different sets of children.

But there isn’t any proof that this WAS the SAME man who simply married two same-named women and had two differing sets of offspring.


While working on this blog entry, I found it difficult to keep the data I found on the two Angus Curries and their wives separate. To help me keep accurate track of information, I created the following chart as I went and worked. It summarizes my findings.

Angus Currie #1 Abt. 1770; Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland 1812; from Scotland North Carolina Florah McDuffie

Marriage likely in Scotland. Year unknown

Before 1820 – 1826; Robeson, NC 1. Nancy Currie, b. 1790

2. Robert Currie, b. 1795

3. Catherine Currie, b. 1801

4. Daniel Currie, b. 1802

5. Neill D. Currie, b. 1807

6. Hector Currie, b. 1805

7. Jennette Currie, b. 1810

Florah McDuffie Abt. 1770; Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland Unknown date; from Scotland North Carolina Married Angus Currie #1; date and location unknown 28 March 1856; Raeford, Robeson, NC.


She is likely the 2nd Flora Currie buried in McEachern Cemetery.

Same as above
Archibald Currie (father of Flora Currie below) Jan 1727

Kintyre (formerly Cantyre), Argyll, Scotland

1775; from Kintyre, Scotland Bladen county (later Robeson county, now Hoke county) Wife unknown; believed to be Sarah McDonald. Abt. 1816

Unknown location

Flora Currie (b. 20 May 1774) and brother, Randall Currie. Possibly another son.
Angus Currie #2 17 Sept 1770, Isle of Colonsay, Kintyre, Scotland 1791; from Scotland Robeson, NC Flora Currie (b. 1774). Married about 1797. 10 June 1843 (or 1845), Robeson, NC.


Buried in McEachern Cemetery at Mill Prong

1. Isabella Currie, b. 1798

2. Mary Catherine Currie,

b. 1800

3. John C. Currie; b. 1803

4. Archibald J. Currie; b. abt 1806

5. Flora Currie; b. abt 1808

6. Angus R. Currie; b. abt 1813

7. Sally Currie

Flora Currie 20 May 1774; Kintyre, Scotland 1775; from Scotland Robeson, NC About 1797 to Angus Currie #2 19 Sept 1834, Robeson, NC.


Buried in McEachern Cemetery at Mill Prong

Same as above



My 2nd great grandmother, Jennette Currie, supposedly had parents named Angus Currie and Florah McDuffie. I don’t have clear proof of this parentage though it is a fairly common belief among researchers that these are her parents (I realize that without documentation that “belief” is simply speculation and proof is needed; I’m searching. Records for this lineage are minimal).

The couple had the following children. They are named in several records, including three of these persons being named in the Last Will and Testament of Nancy Currie (written 10 Aug 1861) [1].

  1. Nancy Currie, b. 1790, Scotland; d. 15 Sep 1861, Robeson (present Hoke Co), NC
  2. Robert Currie, b. 1795, North Carolina; d. 17 Mar 1858, Copiah, MS
  3. Catherine ‘Katie’ Currie, b. 01 Jun 1801, NC; d. 22 Aug 1857, Sumter, GA
  4. Daniel Currie, b. 01 Jun 1802, NC; d. 17 Jan 1871, Robeson, NC
  5. Neill D. Currie, b. abt. 1807, Robeson, NC; d. 28 Jan 1869, Orange Springs, Marion, FL
  6. Hector Currie, b. Aug 1805, Robeson, NC; d. 19 Jul 1850, Robeson, NC
  7. Jennette Currie, b. abt. 1810, Robeson, NC; d. Unknown, Sale City, Mitchell, GA [2]

We’re okay so far but here’s the rub: According to numerous online trees and data more easily found, this Angus Currie (I’ll call him ANGUS #1 for now) was born 17 Sept 1770 in Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland and he died 10 June 1843 in Robeson, North Carolina. [3, 4] A marriage year has not been located but they should have married in Scotland as their first child, Nancy, was born in Scotland.

His wife, Florah McDuffie, is believed to have been born 1770 in Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland (1850 Robeson, NC census) [5] and died 28 March 1856 in Robeson, North Carolina [6]. She is listed in the 1830 Robeson, North Carolina census as a head of household (which suggests she is a widow) and living with children [6]. In the 1850 Upper Division, Robeson, North Carolina census she is listed as 80 years of age, born in Scotland, and living with her daughter, Nancy Currie (birthplace is also Scotland) [5]. A year of 1850 minus a birth year of 1770 for Florah equals her being 80 years of age, so the math works.

BUT, according to a large number of other online family trees and research, an Angus Currie (I call him ANGUS #2) who is ALSO listed as born 17 Sept 1770 in Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland and with the SAME DEATH DATE – in other words, the same man — married a Flora Currie (no relation) and had a completely different set of kids.

So, we seem to have the same Angus Currie fathering two different families by two different wives who are named some versions of Flora. What’s the truth? Is it possible that they ARE the same person with two families? I don’t believe so — though it is possible. I read that Angus #2 only had one wife. [4]


The offspring of Angus #2 and Flora Currie are believed to be:

  1. Isabella Currie, b. 1798; d. 07 Sept 1846
  2. Mary Catherine Currie, b. 31 Dec 1800
  3. John C. Currie; b. 03 Oct 1803, Robeson, NC
  4. Archibald J. Currie; b. abt 1806, Robeson, NC
  5. Flora Currie; b. abt 1808, Robeson, NC
  6. Angus R. Currie; b. abt 1813, Robeson, NC; d. 1846
  7. (not proven) Sally Currie [4]

Angus Currie #2 signed his will on 08 Oct 1842; it was proved August 1843. Most of the children above (with the exception of Mary Catherine and Sally) are named in his will and his executors were sons John C. Currie and Angus R. Currie. He leaves (amongst other items) Angus R. Currie his 350-acre plantation and utensils; son, Archibald, a “young mare”; his daughters Isabella and Flora land, slaves, bushels of corn, salt pork, and money; and his son, John C. Currie, a slave. [8]


According to a grave marker in the old McEachern Cemetery at Mill Prong (also known on as Mill Prong Cemetery), in Robeson county, North Carolina (present day Hoke county) for an “Angus Currie,” he emigrated to America in 1791. It is likely, according to an article in Colonsay Magazine, that Angus Currie may have crossed the waters on the “General Washington” which sailed in 1791 direct from Colonsay to Wilmington, North Carolina. [9]

There is also an existing record on the Passenger and Immigration Index list (1500’s-1900’s) proving an Angus Currie immigrated to America in 1812: Primary Immigrant: Angus Currie. Age: 42. Estimated Birth Year: abt 1770. Arrival Place: North Carolina. [10] So who is THIS Angus Currie? Both Angus’s were born about 1770 and ended up in North Carolina.

Next, about Flora Currie (wife of Angus Currie #2): Depending on what record one looks at, she was born either 20 May 1774 [as found on her grave marker; details below] or 20 January 1774 [11]

In the old McEachern cemetery are the graves of two persons, believed to accurately be Angus #2 and Flora Currie.angus-currie1 Their graves are marked as such:

In memory of Angus Currie, born in the Isle of Colonsay, Scotland,

September 17, 1770; came to Am 1791 D. June 10, 1843. He was a ruling elder in the Presbyterian church. Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of thy Lord. [4, 7]


Beside his grave is that of his wife, thus marked:

In memory of Flora,

consort of Angus Currie,

born in the Island of Cantyre, Scotland, May 20, 1774;

Came to Am 1775 Sept. 19, 1834.

Whom have I in heaven but thee? [4, 7]

There also exists in the McEachern cemetery a gravestone for another Flora! This is very likely Florah McDuffie Currie, wife of Angus #1.

Flora widow of Angus Currie. A native of Isle of Colonsay Scotland D. March 28, 1856 age 86 years. Jesus, on Thee, our hope depends. Laudes” (the stone cutter). [4, 7]

So there were two Angus’s and two Flora/Florah’s who all lived in Robeson, North Carolina at about the same time. (To really confuse things, there is a third Angus Currie who was born in Scotland and emigrated in 1790 to Moore county, North Carolina.)


I have found far more family records, such as a Currie family Bible, a will, a grave marker, and quotes from John C. Currie (son of Angus and Flora Currie)— existing for Angus Currie #2, so for now –

I will have to assume that Angus Currie #2 is NOT the father of my Jennette Currie.

MY Angus Currie likely is the one who immigrated into America in 1812 and married Florah McDuffie. His correct birth date is still about 1770 and, according to the passage record, he also was born in Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland. But he most likely did NOT die 10 June 1843, as I believe that is Angus #2. Researcher Emma Lou Weldon, who has studied this line for years, notes a death date between 1820 and 1826 in Robeson county, North Carolina. This come from the 1830 Robeson, NC census that lists his wife as a likely widow (as she is now head of household).

Note that some persons refer to Florah McDuffie as “Flora Consort McDuffie”; I guess they added the middle name from the fact that Flora is called a “consort” of Angus on the gravestone in McEachern Cemetery! However, this is the wrong Flora/h.

If anyone has ANY information to assist me in this quest for correct records and data, please contact me.

In the meantime, all those family trees who list Angus #2 (death date of 10 Jun 1843 or 1845) as the father of Jennette Currie and her siblings I, regrettably, have to assume are wrong.



[1] “Nancy Currie.” Last Will and Testament, recorded in Robeson Co. Original Wills, 1763-1935, CR 083.801.3. Web. Emma Lou Weldon, transcriber. :  accessed 19 May 2012.

[2] Clear proof of this list in its entirely hasn’t been located.

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  1. Vanessa


    Is your Jennette Currie the same Jeanette Currie that was married to the Richmond va mayor George A. Ainslie?

    If so, do you know how Mary Currie is related?

    Just curious. I have been researching the Ainslie’s because I live in Va And came across some old papers in 1871 of George Ainslie who is buried with jennette in richmond.

    Hope this doesn’t confuse you any more.

  2. Carrie Beck

    Do you know there Are two different certain materials that have Angus Currie thereThey are a mile apart from each other

    1. Julie (Post author)

      I’m not totally sure what you are trying to tell me!

  3. Vanessa Wolford

    Julie, I am still searching. I misspoke in 2017. I meant to ask if your Jeanette Currie, married to George Ainslie carriage maker, was the MOTHER of George Ainslie, Richmond mayor?

    I found a very old bible with name of “Mary Currie” engraved on it. Inside the bible was death records and relatives names as well as a very old insurance receipt for George Ainslie, the father… I’m trying to find the relatives of “Mary” because I have her bible. I suspect Mary could have been Jeanette’s mother?

    1. Julie (Post author)


      The Jennette Currie I have in my records and lineage only married an Angus Wilkinson Ray, as far as I’m aware. I don’t have George Ainslie in my tree.

      I do have a Mary Currie in my records, but she was born in 1906 in Texas.

    2. Sarah King

      I’m related to a Mary Catherine currie, angus #2s daughter, I suspect. She was born 1800/1801, but she married a gilbert scotland gilchrist. They had a daughter caroline. Are any of these names in your bible?

      1. Julie (Post author)

        Not in the Currie family Bible that shows Angus Currie #1!

  4. Roslyn Crane

    Hi Julie,
    My 4th great grandparents are Donald Currie and Annabella Currie, yes both with the same surname, and they lived on the isle of Colonsay. They were born around the 1770s. I now have DNA matches with Currie links from North Carolina back to Colonsay.
    My thoughts are that the two Angus Curries born 1770 on Colonsay could be cousins and based on DNA matching, they most likely are related to my Curries in some way. I would be interested in your thoughts.

    1. Julie (Post author)

      I agree with you and that is very possibly the case! I don’t have your Donald and Annabella in my tree but they easily could all be related.

  5. Heatherperry

    Hi im am the great great great granddaughter of angus currie daniel smith currie sr and jr. Are my great grandfather and grandfather my grandmother name Marian wood currie and my mother name mary Patterson currie jolly my name is heather marie jolly perry i have a famil bible and plack plack dates back to the revolutionary war 1700 .

    1. Julie (Post author)

      Welcome Heather! Thanks for the comments and for stopping by. It’s always nice to “meet” new cousins.

  6. Heatherperry

    Thamk u

  7. Heatherperry

    Hey i have one picture of angus and floria currie very old been with my family passed to me it might help with this family tree

    1. Julie (Post author)

      I would love to see it!

      1. Heatherperry

        How do i send it to u

  8. Heatherperry

    I have also cliping old newspaper would help with the family tree u have to zoom it in to read it very old and torn far currie side family i have a small tartan history book
    Came from Scotland the hole family curries goess back the very beginning to rob roy scotish high lander and also serve king james at the time my grandmother currie give me the book also to a sara Catherine cox currie who also my great great aunt i have picture of her she is the same sara who the daughter angus currie jus t to help u out some on ur tree not much of us left and i have angus currie bible dates back to the 1700 and a plack or title dates to the revolutionary war he fought in and member of the Masonic which in that clipping

  9. Heatherperry

    U are rite on the dot about the plantian have pictures of my aunt house the farm is near raighle nc belong to the twins aunt name gracie wood cox but now stay with the family last i heard turn into a museum that place is haunted ive slept there few times we had found slave records under the chicken coop buried there and the same place george Washington spent the nite according to my aunt she said there upstairs for the slaves it was big place if can fine thembil send it to u i dont remember where the place location if i can ever get my cuzin il find out u are doing great on this far i know im the last child of the currie family

  10. Heatherperry

    Hi this heather the pictures are on the way may go in town for better service i live in a valley dont get much service i have one picture of supposed be floria its a painting actually by it self and the one of angus with his daughters supposed to be im sending what i have left im glad to be of help


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