Mary Ann Green b. abt 1793 NC; d. 1853 Lee, GA– searching for information

Okay readers, I am stumped. My current brick wall is my 3rd great-grandmother: Mary Ann Green. I need help! Is there anyone who can provide additional information to the skimpy records I have? The surname “Green” has proven to be quite difficult to trace. Y-DNA67 testing of the male in this lineage has not been of value either. The closest matches are a genetic distance of 2 at the 25-marker level. Autosomal test results haven’t proven helpful either.

Mary Ann Green was supposedly born around 1793 in either Wake, North Carolina or Jefferson, Georgia to – maybe—Thomas Green Sr (b.1770 – ) and Ann Haslip (1771 – 1848). She died 08 Nov 1853 in Lee, Georgia.

I believe Mary Ann to have married Needham Bryan IV, my 3rd great-grandfather (b. abt. 1789, Burke, GA – d. 1852, Lee, GA).

Existing is a marriage record for a Mary Ann A. M. Harris who married Needham Bryan on 23 Dec 1819 in Jefferson, GA. But I’m looking for Mary Ann Green, not Harris.

There is also a marriage record for a Mary Greene who married Isaac Harris on 12 Nov 1807 in Jefferson, GA.

So, if Mary Ann Green/Greene FIRST married Isaac Harris (who is believed to have died 1816, three years before the marriage to Needham Bryan), then she could have been the Mary Ann Harris marrying Needham Bryan. But why all the way up in Jefferson county, Georgia? By 1860, a census record indicates Mary A. Bryan and Needham Bryan were living in Lee, Georgia. Lee county is way south of Jefferson county. There is a possibility that she was born further north, for example up in North Carolina and met her husbands as she was heading south.

Two items of information that help me: first is a marriage record for the older sister of Mary Ann – Sarah Green (b. abt. 1791, GA – d. 1853, Sumter, GA), who married Josiah Scrutchin in Jefferson, Georgia. So there’s a history of this family getting married in Jefferson! Brothers, Shepherd Green and Benjamin Green, also got married in Jefferson county. Shepherd is listed as head of household in the Jefferson county censuses of 1820 and 1830. So this family must have resided in Jefferson for at least ten years, though no one seems to have been born or died there.

I don’t have valid information on her supposed father, Thomas Green Sr. He may have been born in Virginia, though the most common belief is Burke, Georgia. He is believed to have died in 1821, but records don’t substantiate this. Some researchers have him listed as dying in Jefferson, Georgia but I have yet to find a record supporting this thought. There is also a Thomas Green who died in Kentucky, though I don’t believe this to be the correct Thomas Green.

Comments anyone?


If this research is of interest to you and/or you descend from the Green line—especially if you can fill in my research holes on the life of Mary Ann Green, please reach out and let me know. I would welcome hearing from you.

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  1. Lori Godwin

    Do you have the Green-Bryan-Hooks-Clay family history on pages 370-372 of the History of Sumter County, GA? It has info on your Green family. I can scan the pages to pdf file for you.

    1. Julie (Post author)

      Hi Lori– I vaguely remember seeing it in the past but I’m not sure that I have a copy. I would love one. Thank you! Julie

  2. Ruth

    I am also a descendant of Shepherd Greene
    Pryor and Lucinda Scrutchins. Shep Pryor’s mother was Mary Green. Her sister was Sarah Jane. I, too, have had trouble getting past thei parents.

  3. Kevin

    I was drawn to your page in search for Edmund Mathis (1719-1783) and would love to know more. However, another brick wall I am encountering is my 3xgreat grandfather Green Berry Lee (1799-1869) born in Georgia, died in McKenzie AL. *I just recently visited the grave!

  4. Linda Bryan-Beachler

    I realize this is almost 3 years later from your original post, but I too have Needham & Mary as my 3rd great-grandparents. I have bible records of John W Bryan, son of Needham with quite a bit of information on all of Needham and Mary’s children as well as pics of the grave markers from the Chokee district land. Please reach out to me if you are still chasing information on these people.

    1. Julie (Post author)

      I’m always still chasing info! I’d love to see what you have. Thanks for reaching out.

      1. Linda Bryan-Beachler

        I have a PowerPoint I have made with much of my research on Needham Bryan & Mary Green children with pics of documents and graves as well as some descendants. Their 6 children are:
        John W. Bryan m. Sarah Jackson
        Benjamin Bryan m. Nancy
        Thomas Green Bryan m. Martha Hooks
        Moses W. Bryan m. Permalia Outlaw
        Harriett Bryan m. Peter Laramore
        Elmina Bryan m. John Louis Laramore

        John W. Bryan is my g-g-grandfather
        I have Bryan Y-DNA submitted with FamilyTree and I have been chasing the parentage of this Needham Bryan for nearly 20 years with nothing that can be verified or validated as of yet. I have the Sumter County book with the Green family history (oral and secondary) that states Needham and Mary were first cousins (Needham’s mother being Sarah Green Bryan and Mary’s father being Thomas Green) but no verifying documents. I would love to share information between us if it could move this forward some. Where is your connection in this line? I also have my own and siblings DNA with Ancestry as well. Do you have any DNA testing on file?

        1. Julie (Post author)

          I’d be happy to chat more about this line. Yes, I am DNA tested. I’ll send you an email to this email listed here. Julie


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