Disclosures and Copyright

Welcome to the legalese page of my blog. I’ll try to keep it really simple.

© Julie Cordero 2015. The unauthorized use of the material on oakgrovegenealogy dot com without written permission is prohibited. Excerpts may be used if credit is clearly given to Julie Cordero and Oak Grove Genealogy. All rights reserved.

Basically, this blog is a personal blog and all opinions are my own. If you have questions about this blog, feel free to contact me at julie@oakgrovegenealogy dot com.

Obviously, providing facts and information as accurate as possible when doing research and publishing findings is crucial but mistakes are possible. When they are found, I retain the right to correct omissions and errors along the way without notice to readers. If you find something that you believe to be incorrect, I would welcome hearing from you (nicely).

Every attempt will be made to give proper credit when I use someone else’s written material, photos, videos, or other forms of communication. Likewise, if you find something on my blog that you think is fabulous and want to use, please contact me for written permission prior to usage.

Images found on this blog which are not otherwise attributed to another source are presumed to be owned by the editor and author of oakgrovegenealogy dot com. Please ask permission if you desire to use the image. Just because an image is published online doesn’t mean it’s free for the taking.

Comments posted on this blog are the sole responsibility of the person who posted it, not the owner of this blog. Comments felt to be inappropriate may be edited or deleted.

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