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Today’s Discovery: My Newfound Facebook Friend (and Cousin) Who Lives In England and My College Friend (From Back In The ’80s) Are Related To Each Other.

It is stated that if you go far enough back in time, for enough generations, you will find that we’re all related. So true. However, it IS fun to make the connections and figure out exactly where and how certain…
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Madness Monday– Who is this man?

This week’s Madness Monday post (and, yes, I realize that it’s Tuesday– I’ve been busy!): The photo here was taken somewhere in the 1920s or 1930s by Veran Blackburn Photography in Valdosta, Georgia. It was found in a box of family…
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Slave Name Roll Project: Releasing the Slaves of my Family

“It’s honorable to do…You’re RELEASING their Names and their Souls for their Descendants to hopefully find them one day. Every time this happens they are REJOICING. They have been in a book or what have you for so long”  ~ True A….
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