This Photo is Not of James H. Laramore, Sr.—At Least I Don’t Believe So.

Laramore- not James H. Laramore, Sr.

WHO IS THE MAN IN THIS PHOTOGRAPH? A quick search for James Laramore, Sr. of Georgia on Ancestry pulls up the following image for him in several family trees. Now, I realize that it’s easy to accidentally mislabel old images of…
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Do Siblings Have the Same DNA? Repost

Readers routinely ask me questions about DNA, especially as it relates to siblings. Here is a good article that helps explain things.  

Mary Ann Green b. abt 1793 NC; d. 1853 Lee, GA– searching for information

Okay readers, I am stumped. My current brick wall is my 3rd great-grandmother: Mary Ann Green. I need help! Is there anyone who can provide additional information to the skimpy records I have? The surname “Green” has proven to be…
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Family Tree Maker software updates and news

If you are wondering about the status of your Family Tree Maker software, here is an email that I received today. Please note that FTM has been purchased by MacKiev software company and isn’t going away! I’m still using it…
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Don’t rely on transcriptions of documents for your research. Study the original and you may find loads of information.

Last week, I was in a bit of a hurry. Researching on the fly is never a good idea. One doesn’t do one’s best work that way. What was I doing wrong? Failing to study a document for myself when…
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Slave Name Roll Project: RELEASING 13 Slaves Owned By Thomas Pace

I follow a Facebook page called, I’ve Traced My Ancestor’s Slaveholders. Not surprisingly, it is primarily geared towards African-Americans who are working to determine the names of the slave masters who had owned their ancestors. Some Caucasians, such as myself, belong…
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“I’m an adoptee. Can you help me find my bio parents?”

Yes, it IS possible for you to find them! The use of genetic genealogy— defined as DNA testing in combination with traditional genealogy to trace lineages—has transformed the ability of adoptees, those with an unknown father, and donor-conceived individuals, or…
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Don’t skip searching newspaper archives– you’ll be amazed at what find!

OH, THE JOY OF FINDING THOSE VALUABLE LITTLE DETAILS ABOUT THE LIVES OF YOUR ANCESTORS! Sure, you can look at marriage certificates and death certificates to find data about your family member, but a wonderful way to discover fun facts…
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Madness Monday: Which Angus Currie (Born Abt. 1770 in Scotland) married Florah McDuffie and which Angus Currie (Born Abt. 1770 in Scotland) married Flora Currie?

I have a puzzle for this issue of Madness Monday (And, yes, I realize that today is a Thursday!). Various researchers of Angus Currie, born about 1770 in Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland, show this SAME man being married to TWO different women…
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Today’s Discovery: My Newfound Facebook Friend (and Cousin) Who Lives In England and My College Friend (From Back In The ’80s) Are Related To Each Other.

It is stated that if you go far enough back in time, for enough generations, you will find that we’re all related. So true. However, it IS fun to make the connections and figure out exactly where and how certain…
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