Checking Out, Genealogy Utilities

2016-09-03_1427 2016-09-03_1428Yesterday, I received a comment on my blog from Robert Liguori, president of Gliesian, LLC Data Science Services, asking me to check out his website. I told him that I would. Intrigued, I headed over to and took a look.

This site is a provider of free innovative utilities and tools designed to make genealogy research a bit quicker and easier. There are predictors and calculators, GEDCOM utilities, a really cool image comparator app, and excellent assistance in analyzing your autosomal DNA results. The interface is clean and easy to navigate and registering is fast. Robert even has begun posting videos on YouTube which help explain the utilities.

I haven’t taken advantage of any of these applications yet, but I hope to this week. As I do, I’ll report my findings!

Thanks, Robert, for stopping by my blog.

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