Do Siblings Have the Same DNA? Repost

Readers routinely ask me questions about DNA, especially as it relates to siblings. Here is a good article that helps explain things.


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  1. Michael

    This article is good, but it plays a sleight of hand – a seemingly appropriate metaphor given its use of the deck of cards. The article conflates DNA into some sort of ethnic marker and in fact refers it to “ethnic genetics.” Balderdash. Take my sister and me, for example. We have the exact same ethnicity. There is no variation. However, our DNA is very different, almost shockingly different. The article explains precisely why and how this works, but then equates this DNA breakdown to ethnicity. No, no, no. Of course, this is the selling tool for the DNA tests – determine your ethnicity so you can identify yourself to a tribe(s) and purchase clothes and other objects appropriate to your identity, just like the actors do on television. In other words, “ethnic genetics” in our limited use of the technology is nothing more than a marketing ploy.


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