Do Siblings Have the Same DNA? Repost

Readers routinely ask me questions about DNA, especially as it relates to siblings. Here is a good article that helps explain things. https://www.genealogyexplained.com/dna-testing/do-siblings-have-same-dna/  

“I’m an adoptee. Can you help me find my bio parents?”

Yes, it IS possible for you to find them! The use of genetic genealogy— defined as DNA testing in combination with traditional genealogy to trace lineages—has transformed the ability of adoptees, those with an unknown father, and donor-conceived individuals, or…
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What DNA Test Should I Take? Part 3: Recommendations Based on Research Goals.

I don’t claim to be a genetic DNA expert. The subject matter is so complicated I still feel like a newbie and I’m still learning daily. But I HAVE learned much and I’m happy to pass on my knowledge. Following…
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DNA Inheritance Is Passed Down Randomly. So Randomly That I Am 24% More Irish Than My Brother.

I bet you thought that you were 100% related to your full biological siblings. Wrong. Siblings share, on average, about half their DNA. The reality is, however, we can actually be anywhere from 0 – 100% genetically related to our…
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