Following is a list of a number of the surnames (or “Apedillos” in Spanish) I am currently researching. Some of these I have researched extensively and have solid records; some– well– tracing family history can be challenging sometimes! Included in parenthesis are the paths of movement of the families from oldest location to somewhat recent.

If you see a surname of interest, feel free to contact me at julie@oakgrovegenealogy [dot] com to exchange information. I’d love to chat.

English/French/German/Irish/Non-Hispanic/Scottish Surnames:

Barlow (GA, AL)

Bass (VA, GA, SC) Boring (MD, NC, GA)

Broadfield (England, VA, GA)

Bryan (Ireland, VA, NC, GA)

Chastain (SC, GA)

Clay (Wales, VA, GA)

Covin/Couvain (France, SC, GA)

Currie/Curry (Scotland, NC, GA) Davis (GA)

Dean (England, VA, GA)

Denmark (England, VA, NC)

Hatcher (VA, GA)

Jones (Wales, NC, GA)

Jones (VA, NC, GA, VA)

Laramore (France, SC, GA)

Mathis (Wales, VA, NC)

McQuilkin/Wilkinson (Scotland, NC, GA)

Pace (England, VA, GA)

Ray (Scotland, NC, GA)

Scarborough/Scarburgh (England, VA)

Sessions (SC, GA)

Simpson (GA)

Smith (GA)

Stephens (GA, FL)

Tapley (GA)

Tynsley/Tinsley (England, VA, SC, GA)

Turkett (SC, FL, GA)

Uzzell (France, VA, NC)

Varn (Germany, GA)

Waller (NC, GA)

Wise (England, VA, SC, GA)


Hispanic Surnames:

Aguiar (PR)

Alers (PR)

Aponte (PR)

Arasil (PR)

Caballero (PR)

Canales (Spain, PR)

Cordero (PR)

Dominguez (PR)

Garcia (PR)

Gonzalez (PR)

Hernandez (PR)

Lugo (PR)

Miranda (PR)

Pena (PR)

Quinones (PR)

Reyes (PR)

Rivera (PR)

Rodriguez (PR)

Sellas (Spain, PR)

Velez (PR)


  1. Evelyn Buck

    I am related to the Jones family of Pollocksville or New Bern, NC. Do you have any information? I found my Great great grandmother Penny Jones and Great great grandfathers names Lewis or Louis Jones in searching for my grandmother Florence Jones who was married to Sam Jones on December 25, 1875 at Williams Chapel in Pollocksville, NC.

  2. Julie (Post author)

    Unfortunately for you, I don’t have those Jones lines in my records. Sorry! I wish that I could help you but keep searching.

  3. Grace Miller

    I see you have Scarborough in your list. I am researching Addison Scarborough and Henry Scarborough. Addison Scarborough also know as Maj Addison Scarborough was born in Virginia but died in South Carolina in 1831. I am trying to find out where he purchased his slaves from and to whom he sold all his slaves to.

    1. Julie (Post author)

      Thanks for the contact! My Scarborough/Scarburgh ancestors are some of my oldest, going backin tothe 1600/1700. About 1664 Hannah Scarburgh married John Wise and, of course, as of then that line transferred to the Wise surname.

  4. Kathy

    I am searching for Ray info. This is all I know: ______ Ray (mr Ray) a highland Scot married and had a son Dot R Ray born in Ireland. Believe he was disinherited by family. Mr Ray went to New York City. Wife and child lived with her parents in Scotland before going to New York to follow him. Mr Ray was a member of the NY 79th Highlanders and dies at the battle at Secessionville. All this is taken from article written by Dot R Ray.

    1. Julie (Post author)

      Wow– I would love to try to help you. Unfortunately, these names are not in my tree and I don’t recognize them (other than the surname, of course). Do you have any dates associated with the lives of these persons? If Mr. Ray died at the Battle of Secessionville, he died in 1862.

  5. Payton lock

    very motivating life 

  6. Alma Cwik

    Ive been working on my fathers surname Acabá. I’ve traced our tree to 1800 Puerto Rico. I can’t find anything beyond that. I’m stuck on my g-g- grandfather Patricio Acabá his mother was Rosa Torres and his father Miguel Acabá. He was born about 1807. Not sure where. Supposedly he came from Cadiz, with 3 brothers. I’ve Had no luck. Any ideas?
    Thank you

  7. Alma

    I’m looking for relatives in Puerto Rico, San Sebastián, Anasco, Lares.
    Researching surnames Rivera , and Acaba. If you have any relatives with these surnames from 1750-1810 please contact me.
    Thank you

  8. Myrta Torres

    I have been trying to find the father and mother of Pedro Yambo born in 1719. No luck.

  9. Pat Wise Craik

    Hi Julie. I noticed you are related to William Wise. The William Wise that died in Bulloch County, Georgia is my 5th great grandfather! However, he was born in Scotland. The William Wise born in Acomacke, Virginia in 1755 is from an English line of Wises and he nor his father, John, ever left Virginia. Apparently Lula Wise Battles documented the error in her DAR application and it many others have the lines mixed up. In fact there are actually 4 separate distinct lines of Wises! If you are related to the Bulloch County William, we are cousins! Anyway, I thought I would let you know. My father, John F. Wise, wrote a book that lists descendants of the Scottish line of Wises. It is called Seeds of a Saxon.

    1. Julie (Post author)

      Pat– Thank you for your input. I will look into these lines today! Julie

  10. Julie (Post author)

    William Wise m. Sarah Margaret Denmark is my 5th great grandfather. I’ll check those lines today for inaccuracies.

  11. Julie (Post author)

    I have William Wise m. Elizabeth Denmark born and died in Accomack. I have William Wise m. Sarah M.Denmark b in Accomack and died in Bulloch, GA. What’s the correct info???

  12. Alma Cwik

    Hi Julie
    I tried to send you an email to the address above. Came back as incorrect. Has it changed.
    I too love Geneology and work on my tree almost everyday. I’m fascinated by the history, and I also want my children to know the things their ancestors had to endure for them to be here today.
    I still have some family left in Puerto Rico. My mother is from Cayey, and my father was from Hatillo. Although I traced my fathers line back to San Sebastián about 1800.
    Here are a couple of surnames I’m researching. Acabá , Rivera and Torres. From San Sebastián, and Lares.
    What names are your researching in Puerto Rico. Maybe we share some.
    Happy Hunting

    1. Julie (Post author)

      I’m sorry that the email didn’t work– I’m not sure why. Either way, my husband has Rivera and Torres in his lineage.


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