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Do Siblings Have the Same DNA? Repost

Readers routinely ask me questions about DNA, especially as it relates to siblings. Here is a good article that helps explain things. https://www.genealogyexplained.com/dna-testing/do-siblings-have-same-dna/  

“I’m an adoptee. Can you help me find my bio parents?”

Yes, it IS possible for you to find them! The use of genetic genealogy— defined as DNA testing in combination with traditional genealogy to trace lineages—has transformed the ability of adoptees, those with an unknown father, and donor-conceived individuals, or…
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My Puerto Rican Family Members Have Native American and African Blood in Them. And Bulgarian. And Romanian. How Does That Happen?

The use of genetic genealogy—in other words, DNA testing– has exploded in the past few years. Around the world, curious seekers are spitting into tubes and swabbing cheeks to help determine their heritage and find genetic cousins. Recently, three family…
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